Miles for the Masses

Air miles are great. Right?

Websites full of handy tips on how to spend your air miles are great. Right?

Well no.

Not when you’re mostly reading about how you can redeem hundreds of thousands of miles to upgrade your jaunt around the world to first class…

…while you earn a meagre public sector salary and couldn’t even dream about having a six-figure miles balance.

Many popular points sites would let you believe that benefiting from airline loyalty schemes is for the travel elite.

This is not true.

I’ve never flown premium economy, let alone business class. Hell, I’ve never even been in the fancy carriage on a train.

I do collect air miles like a champ, though. And I spend them making my trips super cheap, not super luxurious. Because miles ARE for the masses, and economy is where all the real fun is anyway.

These are my hot tips for earning miles, spending miles and seeing the world while being an average human.

Let’s go places!