Who am I?

Girl, 29. Floor sitter, gin connoisseur, useless fact enthusiast, intrepid explorer, lasagna champion, half pict, half etruscan, all rogue, incessant questioner, building climber, camera addict, international politics geek, book hoarder, border hater.

I have (mostly geographical) commitment issues, but they say that makes for the best stories. So far I’ve been to 42 countries on six continents and lived in Scotland, the Netherlands and Chicago.

I have bribed law enforcement in Nicaragua, met penguins in South Africa, crashed a motorbike in Vietnam, blacksmithed in Estonia, taken an unauthorised stroll across the frozen harbour in Oslo, ridden the prisoner release bus through Pennsylvania, Husky sledded in Finland, almost got rabies in China, climbed bridges in Maastricht, had an orgy in Havana, danced across rooftops in Vienna, nearly slid into a volcano in East Java, hung out with a double murderer in Reykjavik, eaten jellyfish, crocodile, sea cucumber, whale, reindeer and a whole lot of good hot dogs, and had more transit snafus than I think is statistically possible…. and that’s just what I was sober enough to remember.

I am this blog’s most prolific reader and I’m fine with that, but if somebody else enjoys a story or two from this great adventure, that’s great. Next stop: Vanuatu (yasssssss)

7 thoughts on “Who am I?

    1. Oh sweet, I am honoured to have been nominated again – and look forward to answering your questions and spreading the travel love once again! Thank you so much for the nomination! love your blog btw.


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