Big Bad Mount Bromo and the glorious futility of hindsight

The most unexpected days of your life start with you munching your way through a cup of wet Indonesian coffee grounds while flicking ants off semi-stale white bread. That we now know. Invariably you then hop on the back of a passing motorbike and ask the driver to take you up to an unnamed roadside settlement in the East Javanese mountain region of Wonotoro. I … Continue reading Big Bad Mount Bromo and the glorious futility of hindsight

5000 Minutes in Singapore

In my last post, I explored how and why a rational individual might travel to the other side of the planet for a long weekend, using my recent trip from Scotland to Singapore as the case in point. I deviated somewhat from my regular travel-journal-with-pics style post, but don’t you worry, I’ve done that too. Here is what you can actually get up to with your 5000 minutes in … Continue reading 5000 Minutes in Singapore

Long-Haul Micro-Tripping

People get all kinds of surprised when in response to their socially-mandated inquiry into your planned weekend activity you tell them that you’re popping over to Singapore. Travelling from Scotland to South East Asia for a three-night runaround is apparently something only a crazy person would do. Have you met me, though? Borderline lunacy is kind of my thing. Especially when it is of the travel variety. It helped my … Continue reading Long-Haul Micro-Tripping