Arrival in Maastricht

We are in Maastricht and it is beautiful!

So my fantastic parents decided to take the “any excuse for a holiday” approach to me moving abroad, so we basically just loaded up the car with all my junk, grabbed my sister and drove to Newcastle where we got on a ferry, had dinner, sat at the bar for a few hours, went to bed and woke up as we were arriving in Amsterdam. We then had breakfast, got into the car, drove off the boat to the Pirates of the Caribbean theme and began the 2 hour drive south to Maastricht. How’s that for a stress-free move eh?

Getting the keys to my new place and moving all of my stuff in was slightly less straight-forward, but we managed in the end and still had plenty of time left to explore the city. It’s so pretty and European and I can’t actually believe I now live here!

This is the main street that goes from the train station (beside where I live) over the Old Bridge across the river. The centre of town is on the other side of the river Maas.


And this is the Maas! Behind the Old Bridge is the Hoge Brug, a new footbridge.


I think I am going to enjoy it here!


So my parents stayed for a day or two, before going back to Scotland on the boat with an empty car. I had my Uni induction day, where we learned all about the course and how intense it’s going to be! despite how hard it supposedly is, I’m actually looking forward to it.. the content looks pretty decent! The other people on the course seem to be really nice and interesting people. Apparently there’s over 40 different nationalities on this course! That night we went for the real initiation, at a bar called Ma Van Slouns, where we all got to know each other and let the beers flow!

The next day we had out first class, “Introduction to Public Policy”. looks good. Think they’re starting us off easy! Later that evening we all met up by the river with some beers and drank into the night as the sun set. I like these people already!


And I love my new city!!


I can already tell this year is going to be good. Hard on the liver, intense on my brain, but a LOT of fun!

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