Travel Chaos

In the spirit of not sugar-coating the travel experience, here’s some comprehensive accounts of the times my journeys have not gone so smoothly. I like to challenge myself to see if I can turn something not remotely interesting in to a reasonably engaging read, and I have found that writing about when things go wrong is pretty cathartic.

In My Shit Storm Shitstorm, a 20 minute storm detour resulted in 22 hours spent in Chicago O’Hare airport, followed by another overnighter at Sao Paulo Guarulhos before finally reaching Rio.

Then Yes, it happened again! A series of technical faults turned what should have been a one-flight journey into me getting re-booked five times, visiting six airports, missing a whole day of work, and getting into Edinburgh 26 hours later than planned.

And with 100% failure rate, getting the short distance from Edinburgh to Bergen was not easy at when both of the aircraft I was supposed to be travelling on broke – the windscreen cracked on the first one, and the de-icer failed on the second. I could have swam quicker than it took to fly.

Hopefully there’s not any more of these for a while.