First International Dinner

So our program, and we shall be known from this post onwards as MPP (Master of Public Policy), is very nationally diverse. From about 100 students in total, there are about 45 different nationalities represented. To celebrate this diversity, and so that we can all get to know a bit about each others’ cultures, there will be “international dinners” held sporadically throughout the year, where we rent a space, all make/bring food and drink from our home countries, spread it all out in a massive buffet and tuck in. The first one of these was yesterday. (I made stovies, a traditional Scottish dish of mince, potatoes, carrots and stuff)

From the name, one might assume that these will be sophisticated culinary affairs, but in true post-grad student form, it quickly became a jolly good wine-fest and we all ended up suitably sloshed dancing at De Alla (Maastricht’s favourite night club). However, before all of that, the food was indeed amazing! Every kind of food you can think of – it was there. Sweet, savoury, hot, cold, Eastern, Western, European, African. Foods I already knew I loved, foods I’d never heard of… ALL THE FOODS, and a lot of it!


And, yes, the wine.




It was a good opportunity to mingle with the chohort (who are already pretty good friends!) Below is me with three new international pals, Fish from Singapore, Hernan from Peru and Arkadi from Bulgaria.


After stuffing ourselves silly, we then got really in to the Rakia and the wine, and we all had a jolly good time. I’ll let the pics do the rest of the talking, and introduce you to some more of my lovely new friends. With me here is Toto. He’s from Georgia and is quite possibly the biggest character I have ever met. A lot of love for this guy.


Here we have Jan, from the Netherlands, Pierre from Belgium, and Elektra (and her twin sister) from Greece.


Here is Kasper from the Netherlands, Hannah from Germany and Raluca from Romania


Here we have Hannah and Hernan again, and talking to Elektra is Carles from Barcelona.


Handsome gentlmen Fish, Colin, Hernan and Arkadi.


My tutorial buddies Pierre and Hannah (and Elektra talking to the Original French Flirt Romain).


DEMOS legends Arkadi and Jonas.


And that’s only a small fraction of this wonderfully frivolous and diverse group of people. I’m excited that I get to spend a whole year hanging out with them, and all I can say is… bring on round 2!

…After we recover from De Alla, that is.

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