The Falls

I. Am. So. Tired. Like a good girl, I went to bed at a sensible time last night to maximise the number of hours I could spend with my eyes closed before my stupidly early flight in the morning. This turned out to be quite a wasted exercise, however, because one of my lovely dorm buddies came in at about 1am (acceptable), made quite a … Continue reading The Falls

Finding Divine Providence

Although I had the time of my life in Philadelphia, it was not with sadness that I watch her beautiful skyline fade into the distance through the grubby back window of a Northbound Megabus, because, at this point in time, leaving one place behind only means one thing… I’m about to go somewhere new! I’m not going to lie, choosing my next destination was pretty … Continue reading Finding Divine Providence

Nighttiming Solo

The last thing my mother said to me as I left Edinburgh was “don’t walk about at night by yourself”. This, I agree, seems like sound advice. Until you get off the subway at Penn Station at 8pm (joyously breathing actual outside air for the first time in about 17 hours) and you realise you’re in New York City. And there’s no way you’re going … Continue reading Nighttiming Solo