On the Freedom Trail

It’s a beautiful day in Boston! I arrived late last night, and meandered my way through the city to from the central bus station Chinatown where my hostel was. This was my first solo hostelling experience, and on arrival I was not disappointed. The hostel was brand new, with a big open common area on the ground floor and a sort of nouvelle-industrial look going on … Continue reading On the Freedom Trail

Finding Divine Providence

Although I had the time of my life in Philadelphia, it was not with sadness that I watch her beautiful skyline fade into the distance through the grubby back window of a Northbound Megabus, because, at this point in time, leaving one place behind only means one thing… I’m about to go somewhere new! I’m not going to lie, choosing my next destination was pretty … Continue reading Finding Divine Providence

The City of Brotherly Love

That’s it. I am officially on my own again.We had an emotional farewell back at Towson, hugging, kissing, and promising to stay in touch, then we all went our separate ways, back to the various corners of the earth from whence we came. Except I wasn’t ready to go home just then. I went to Philadelphia. Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, home to the … Continue reading The City of Brotherly Love