Cape Town Beaches, Ranked

I spent seven full days in Cape Town and went to seven beaches. Sometimes I did more than one beach in a day, sometimes I did the same beach on more than one day, and some days I (gasp!) didn’t go to the beach at all. Still, this is my seven beaches in seven days. And for thrills, I’ve tried to rank them (it was … Continue reading Cape Town Beaches, Ranked

And She Dances on the Sand

Day 1 It’s 10am and I’m standing on a bustling street looking at the sky, trying to work out if the sun looks discernibly different from usual. It doesn’t, but the fact that the sun is actually in the sky is more than enough change for me. There is a tropical atlantic breeze gently wafting hints of Cachaça and lime in my direction, and into my line of sight flies … Continue reading And She Dances on the Sand

A Riviera Christmas

It seems like I had barely arrived back home from Maastricht when I was back at the airport again boarding another flight to another European airport. With another joyous layover at Heathrow Terminal 5. My parents have rented an apartment in Nice for the festive season and we’re all going over to see if the French are any good at doing Christmas. I have high hopes. Even though I moved … Continue reading A Riviera Christmas