Chicago Live

Chicago is definitely a city of music. I’ve been here a couple months now, and am just getting started exploring the music scene. Here’s what I’ve been up to in the last few weeks: November 7th – Frontier Ruckus @ Subterranean A very good friend of mine (who I met in Maastricht when we did the same Masters degree and lived in the same building) has … Continue reading Chicago Live

Pittsburgh to La Guardia

Quite honestly, I can’t be bothered writing a lot right now… It’s after midnight, and I think I exhausted my writing resources for today with my earlier post. Anyway, I’m in New York City now, in an awesome wee hotel called the Bowery House. I spent the afternoon in Pittsburgh before flying into La Guardia. I liked Pittsburgh. The buildings were pretty. Meh, I’m just … Continue reading Pittsburgh to La Guardia

Nighttiming Solo

The last thing my mother said to me as I left Edinburgh was “don’t walk about at night by yourself”. This, I agree, seems like sound advice. Until you get off the subway at Penn Station at 8pm (joyously breathing actual outside air for the first time in about 17 hours) and you realise you’re in New York City. And there’s no way you’re going … Continue reading Nighttiming Solo