Penguins in Paradise

I discovered yesterday, flipping through my guide book as I sheltered from strong winds and flying sand in a bar in Hout Bay, that there is a penguin colony on the Cape Peninsula. Obviously this rocketed straight to pole position on my list of things to see while on the Cape, so I dedicated the hour before I went to bed to trying to work … Continue reading Penguins in Paradise

Leaping the Devil’s Bridge

If ever you find yourself in Sedona, Arizona, the first thing I would probably suggest you do is go to Nick’s on the West Side and get breakfast. With a bloody. You’ll be needing the carbs for the hiking that presumably you came all this way out into the desert for – and getting a good measure of vodka in you first thing in the … Continue reading Leaping the Devil’s Bridge

Volcano-Surfing Nicaragua

I have been looking forward to today for a pretty long time. I persuaded my friend to drive us for 11 hours through batshit insane Honduras to get here, and we were up and showered by 7am, driving from our sleepy little Oasis hostel at the beach town of Las Peñitas to nearby León to meet a dude called Aris at his office. Aris operates an … Continue reading Volcano-Surfing Nicaragua