Pittsburgh to La Guardia

Quite honestly, I can’t be bothered writing a lot right now… It’s after midnight, and I think I exhausted my writing resources for today with my earlier post. Anyway, I’m in New York City now, in an awesome wee hotel called the Bowery House. I spent the afternoon in Pittsburgh before flying into La Guardia. I liked Pittsburgh. The buildings were pretty. Meh, I’m just … Continue reading Pittsburgh to La Guardia

The Amish and the Ex-Cons

Leaving Erie was pretty sad. I’d had an awesome time with some awesome people that I knew I probably wouldn’t see for a couple of years at least. But no time to dwell on that, there’s travellin’ to be done! So. I’m sitting at the bus station in Erie, waiting to for my Megabus to Pittsburgh to arrive, and I notice a bunch of women in maroon … Continue reading The Amish and the Ex-Cons

A Spot of Boating

Hangover pretty much gone after a morning of idyllic lounging at the house (And more pancakes. Pancakes can sort out anything) , it was time to head out down to the Yacht Club where Colleen’s dad keeps his boat. I’m pretty excited. You know (If you’ve read my other posts) how much I love good boat! We did all of the pre-trip checks (I don’t … Continue reading A Spot of Boating

Let’s Get Scottish!

Ouch. Hangover. Truly great night out last night though! One of Colleen’s friends in Erie had just moved into a new apartment. Naturally the only polite thing for us to do would be to bring a hefty amount of rum and christen the place good and proper. And what better rum is there than the Kraken? It also just so happens that the stuff you get … Continue reading Let’s Get Scottish!

Old Friends, Good Times

Today’s travels are notable for two reasons. 1) I will no longer be flying solo, and 2) I will not be using public transport. That’s right people, I get to go in a car with a friend! What brings about such luxuries? It just so happens that a couple of hours down the lake from Niagara Falls, in Erie, Pennsylvania, lives the family of Colleen, … Continue reading Old Friends, Good Times

The City of Brotherly Love

That’s it. I am officially on my own again.We had an emotional farewell back at Towson, hugging, kissing, and promising to stay in touch, then we all went our separate ways, back to the various corners of the earth from whence we came. Except I wasn’t ready to go home just then. I went to Philadelphia. Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, home to the … Continue reading The City of Brotherly Love