Let’s Get Scottish!



Truly great night out last night though!

One of Colleen’s friends in Erie had just moved into a new apartment. Naturally the only polite thing for us to do would be to bring a hefty amount of rum and christen the place good and proper. And what better rum is there than the Kraken? It also just so happens that the stuff you get in the US is 50% ABV in comparison to the paltry 40% you get in the UK. The beast was well and truly unleashed.

Photo courtesy of kraken.com

There was five of us in total. Two guys, three gals. The guys were driving, and thus not partaking in the drinking. All the more Kraken for us.

The night started, as all nights do, as a very civilised affair. Anecdotes were exchanged about our home countries, about our time spent at university, about what we were planning on doing with our lives (look at everyone, all smiling and sober)…


…then the Kraken hits. I should explain at this point that we were not mixing this stuff into nice-tasting-mostly-coke drinks. Turns out there were only 2 cans of Dr Pepper in the house, and rather than admitting defeat and going to the shop to get some more mixer, we rose to the challenge. One shot of Kraken. One gulp of Dr Pepper. Repeat.


The catchphrase of the evening (how it was coined, I cannot recall) became “Let’s Get Scottish!!”. I think this was in reference to the societal drinking problems that plague my homeland, and the general propensity of the Scottish people to get completely and utterly shitfaced on a regular basis. It seemed appropriate at the time, anyway. Because we, three not abnormally large girls,were getting through the bottle of Kraken pretty swiftly.


All gone…


Obviously, with our trusty supply of rum depleted so, it was time to venture out into downtown Erie and find an establishment within which to continue our frivolity. Not before a group portrait. Aren’t we beautiful?

Kyle, Salli, Colleen, Greg, Me

Our venue of choice turned out to be the Plymouth Tavern. I don’t know who chose it but it was wonderful. Free popcorn for all patrons…


I think things may have descended into burry mayhem after that, because after this my photos (slash memories) end. I will leave you with one final photo though, which pretty much sums up the night!


Fantastic. Thanks Erie. You’re a pretty fun town.

Now to chillax around the house/garden for a bit, cause this afternoon we’re going for a spot of boating! Splendid.

One thought on “Let’s Get Scottish!

  1. Kraken, one of the finest “dessert” rums out there, in my opinion – easily equal to the finest of the aged rums coming out of Venezuela. But yes, in the States, Kraken is a leviathan among rums and when Leviathan rises, the mighty are terrified. 😉

    As yesterday was National Rum Day, you made a good and brave choice of libation. My wife and too finished off a bottle – the smaller one – Kraken yesterday.

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