Year in Review: 2016

It’s that time of year again, when it’s good and proper to look back on what happened in the previous 12 months and smugly congratulate yourself for how awesome a year you gave yourself. It may have been a bit of a shite year if you care about your celebrities being alive, and we may have taken a step closer to total global sociopolitical chaos… but … Continue reading Year in Review: 2016

Let’s Get Scottish!

Ouch. Hangover. Truly great night out last night though! One of Colleen’s friends in Erie had just moved into a new apartment. Naturally the only polite thing for us to do would be to bring a hefty amount of rum and christen the place good and proper. And what better rum is there than the Kraken? It also just so happens that the stuff you get … Continue reading Let’s Get Scottish!

Let’s go Phillies!

Good morning Philadelphia! The sun is shining, my camera is in my pocket, and today we are going to have a blast. Also, my newest friend (Ricardo from El Salvador who I met in Towson last week) is joining me in the afternoon for some super-frivolity. His bus from NYC gets in at 4, so until then, I’m putting my tourist hat on and going … Continue reading Let’s go Phillies!


The final departure from Aberdeen was one of mixed emotions. I won’t miss the cold grey granite, the seagulls, or the smell of semi-rotten fish that follows you down a certain major thoroughfare. When asked, I said I’d miss the people, but even that’s not strictly true. Not the general population anyway, who sometimes appear to exist in an impenetrable bubble, oblivious to the rest … Continue reading Exodus