The final departure from Aberdeen was one of mixed emotions. I won’t miss the cold grey granite, the seagulls, or the smell of semi-rotten fish that follows you down a certain major thoroughfare. When asked, I said I’d miss the people, but even that’s not strictly true. Not the general population anyway, who sometimes appear to exist in an impenetrable bubble, oblivious to the rest of the world and its wonders, and seem to be in possession of infinitely more money than class.

Not all of them though, and what I WILL miss are the select few individuals who have, all by themselves, tipped the balance back in favour of the Granite City. The people I will strive to keep in my life forever because they let me into theirs with unprecedented gusto and generosity, exhibiting such all-round, genuine niceness that the semi-hostile North East actually started to feel like somewhere I could call home. That and the fact they’re just so damn fun to be around. I’ll say no more. You know who you are.

Although there were times when thought I’d rather have been anywhere else, looking back now, I wouldn’t have changed those four years for anything in the world. I went there to get a degree. I had a goal, and I surpassed it, but now I must move on. Maybe not to bigger and better things, but to different things. I can’t effing wait.

To the people who made my 4 years awesome, I salute you, and will miss you always.


p.s. tomorrow I leave on an American adventure. I plan to blog the shit out of it, so watch this space.

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